About The Book


I can’t change how people choose to see things. I can choose to forgive. I may even be the lucky one. As the scapegoat I was sent out and away, shunned by all sides and made to carry the guilt of the entire situation on my head. But I was sent away, out into the wilderness where I cried, I mourned, and I was able to heal instead of harbor resentment and hatred.


From there I began to rebuild, and pray for forgiveness. I would pray so that I could forgive. Then I began to feel restored and my Father in heaven began to help me see myself the way He does. I don’t have to carry the pain; I only need from time to time to explain the scars. Hopefully, in doing so, I can prevent some of history’s mistakes from invading our tomorrows…


It’s our turn now, put down the rocks, share the gift.


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